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If you’ve recently opened a studio or are renovating an existing studio, you’re probably on a tight budget. If you’re stuck thinking inside the box, covering the blank walls in your hallways, waiting rooms can be a daunting task.

You can use these dance studio decorating ideas to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with beautiful, inexpensive items. This can be done if you use your imagination.

1. Dance wall art


Now is the time to put the finishing touches on the project. Murals can inspire students to work harder, to be more creative. And make the most of their dancing time by capturing the movement, momentum and beauty of the dance.

You have taken care of the most critical aspects of your dance studio design concepts. Use meaningful artwork or decorative pieces that reflect you and your studio to bring your space to life.

Wall decals are simple to apply and remove, allowing you to keep your space fresh and new at all times. This concept could include various types of wall art.

If you prefer traditional painting, photographs or wall art, elephantstock dance wall art is the best option. You can even find prints you like and frame them yourself if your budget is tight.

2. Inspirational quotes


Another way to motivate your dance team is to use inspirational quotes. People can be prompted, encouraged, and inspired to do things they normally wouldn’t do with powerful words. You can choose from various quotes, whether you want an inspirational message in your dance studio or a motivational saying on the wall. These can create a positive atmosphere in any setting.

3. Surprisingly mod


A glittery pink wall may suit your preschool ballerinas, but it’s not the best way to attract male dancers to your studio. Make sure the design is “unisex”, so to speak, if you are trying to attract more boys to your studio.

With a modern-inspired look, you can create an aesthetic that will appeal to both boys and girls. Choose a few bright, vivid colors to paint the walls, such as electric blue and lemon yellow.

Simple signage, chairs and tables in a solid color like black or white are ideal. Without being too feminine, the striking contrast will be elegant and sophisticated.

4. Eclectic decor

You don’t have to choose just one great dance studio design idea if you’re torn between a few. Eclectic decor is all the rage with homeowners, but you can apply the concept to your studio as well.

Collect your favorite adornments and see which unlikely combinations work well together. You can achieve the perfect balance by mixing a few modern and stylish pieces with more rustic and unfinished elements. Then that balance would not be able to be achieved if you stick to a theme.

5. Save

Look for good deals in thrift stores, but be careful! If they took advantage of your goodwill, their furniture prices skyrocketed. Also check if there is a Yard Sale Facebook group in your area.

You can find fantastic furniture for a song, if not for nothing at all. They just needed to get rid of everything.

6. Murals


Dance is a form of expression. When united walls limit the imagination and spirit of dancers, they cannot perform at their best. Dancers need colorful murals to harness the joy of dancing and become better performers and dancers.

When it comes to wall designs and ideas for a dance studio mural, the possibilities are endless, including graffiti murals with a more urban contemporary appeal or art murals with an artistic appearance. more classic.

7. Gallery walls


The collage or gallery wall is one of the most popular dance studio design trends right now. This unique decorating style can be used in a variety of spaces including bedrooms, foyers, and even dance studios! A gallery wall will showcase your personality while adding interest and dimension to your studio space.

If you have a white wall, you don’t know how to decorate it. What kinds of things can you put in the collage? You can have whatever you want! A collection of framed inspirational quotes could be a great place to start. If you have dance competition ribbons or plaques, add them to the mix as well. Clocks, wooden initials, and chalkboards are examples of non-traditional items.

8. Trophy displays

If you’ve been teaching dance for a while, you’ve probably amassed quite a collection of trophies. You can simply place them on shelves for students to see, or you can get creative with your displays.

Installing recessed cavities where trophies can be placed is a fun option if you have some cash for a renovation. This will prevent them from taking up too much space and give your studio a professional look. Install a narrow shelving unit around the top of your walls for visible storage out of the way.

9. Printable without frame


It’s always better to have something for nothing! If you don’t have the time to make your wall art, free printables are a great alternative. Just buy some really cheap frames and go to town.

There is a plethora of free printed materials available on the Internet. These three printables make such a cute mini gallery when combined!

10. Wall stickers

Pictures, posters and canvases probably spring to mind when you think of wall decorations. On the other hand, wall decals are becoming more and more popular due to their fun, ease, and low cost. Online stores sell unique decals.

It’s a quick and easy way to decorate your walls with dancers, butterflies, flowers, or whatever you like. This is great for new studios because you can easily remove the decals if you find a nice photo to hang later.

11. Glittery glamor


If most of the clients in your studio are women, you might want to give the rooms a magical feel. What better way to do this than with everyone’s craft supplies? Mix a packet of paint crystals into each gallon of paint when painting the walls in your studio.

This inexpensive item is available at most home improvement stores, usually available in silver or gold. Then just paint as usual, but your walls will have an instant glam factor, thanks to their brilliant shine.

12. Small cheap

It is not necessary to go all out when it comes to decorating. It is often the small details that give it a finished look and a feeling of pleasure! The best idea is to use little glittery heart magnets.

These types of hearts are cheaper and make people smile as they walk past the small console in the locker. You can glow almost anything to make it sing, including wooden pencil holders.

13. Student work


Another option is to enlist the help of your students in the decorating process. One class session should be devoted to creating artwork with your students, according to Dance Advantage.

Incorporate various types of music into your artwork to make it a learning experience. For example, have students draw the emotions a song evokes or use crayons to “dance” to the beat.

Learning to connect art and dance will give them a unique perspective on learning! After the class, you can ask if anyone would like their work exhibited in the studio. Hand drawn artwork will add personality to the installation and put your students at ease.

14. Use plywood

It’s reasonably priced, and if you don’t have the necessary tools, you can have it cut for you at the store. You can even ask your friends for notes. Free is always preferable.

For your DIY colored cord light pendant, shazam string art, and geometric heart wall art, you can use plywood. These are all fun pieces that can be made for next to nothing if you go for the natural look of plywood.

15. Old dance costumes


Another inexpensive way to decorate when renovating an existing studio or just changing location is to use previous performances. For example, you’ve probably seen shadow boxes with jerseys if you’ve been to a busy sports restaurant. The same concept can be applied to displaying some of your favorite costumes.

It’s the perfect focal point for a photo collage from contests and awards. Ballet shoes, hair accessories, and other items you collect can also be included. Contact your former students if you don’t have old costumes on hand. Sentimental parents have probably kept a few items and may be willing to relocate them.

16. Donated furniture

To decorate your office and waiting room, you don’t need to buy new furniture. This is probably the most expensive option. Instead, ask your friends if they have any furniture they want to get rid of when looking for dance studio decorating ideas.

You will be surprised at how many documents you receive, especially if you volunteer to drive. There will undoubtedly be items that are too old or worn out to be used. But you will undoubtedly discover hidden gems that only need a little love.

17. Reuse it

Think outside the box when you are at the thrift store or restaurant. Old vintage drawers have been transformed into essential rolling storage under the bed.

It is a super cute and practical idea that can be used for both decoration and storage. If you just squeeze your brain a little, there is no end to what you can find.

18. Be patient and wait for the sales

You can paint not only your dance studio but also your house. It’s a fantastic way to give your walls a new look while saving a lot of money. You can wait until the end of the sales before you start painting. During the holiday season, companies offer discounts of 30 to 40%. It will save you a lot of money.

19. Draw on the wall

You can draw on the wall with crayons. It displays your abilities and allows you to erase or wash them as needed. A whole white pencil can be used for stenciling on your walls. It leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

20. Use paper

Paper is one of the most economical materials available! It’s incredible! You can make your lovely heart wreath with a coffee filter and the giant wreath in your den with copy paper. Tissue paper can also be used to create a fun garland. But did you know that metallic tissue paper is also available?

The bottom line

The ideas mentioned above are beneficial for decorating your dance studio in different ways. It can not only attract people, but also encourage them to learn more.

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