[ad_1] The Triple Pointe Dance Academy, named after the three sisters who founded the company, is slated to open in September. “It’s a childhood dream we always talked about, to open a studio together someday,” said Lexie Anne Stephens Brown, the eldest of the trio. “We had a little pretendRead More →

[ad_1] By Nancy Varekampofni.1637728370swen-1637728370rats@1637728370to do1637728370ravyc1637728370Nope1637728370 The village of Beaumont the new dance studio is open, but don’t look for a two-step class. In fact, the dancers will not have much feet on the ground. Aerial dance PDX puts children aged 4 to 18 in the air via fabric and trapezeRead More →

[ad_1] The town of Morehead City on the North Carolina coast has become a popular destination not only for summer vacations, but also for people moving out of the big cities and settling in. Over the past year, the region has seen a handful of new businesses appear as moreRead More →