[ad_1] Dancers from Stanley’s Danse Élan Dance Academy will perform “The Glasswinged Butterfly” next Saturday at Rock Springs Nature Reserve in Denver. All proceeds from the performance will be donated to Hesed House of Hope, Lincoln County’s only homeless shelter. This is not just any dance recital. The performance wasRead More →

[ad_1] Interior and lighting designer Mark Wilson presents his latest holiday collection to benefit the Steps Scholarship Foundation Dance with the stars. If you put the idea of ​​the American reality show aside, that line is truly poetic. Imagine, dancers moving happily as the stars descend from the night skyRead More →

[ad_1] DENVER – The Platinum Divaz Dance Company takes hip hop to a whole new level. From adolescence to adolescence, they move in ways that most people cannot. “Before you shower, practice before you eat… just practice working out,” said Jahleesa Lawler, a dancer with Platinum Divaz. It’s second natureRead More →