Arthur Murray Dance Studio Appoints Justin McClendon as Master Examiner

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Las Vegas – Justin McClendon, co-franchisee of Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV has met association standards through a dance exam and is qualified as a Master Examiner for Arthur Murray International Inc, of Coral Gables in Florida.

As a Certified Professional Dance Examiner, McClendon will be able to test the dance skills of Arthur Murray dance students around the world, to reach their next level in ballroom and rhythm dancing.

Justin McClendon is also a talented and highly sought after choreographer and dance teacher, winning numerous Pro-Am and professional dance competitions across the United States.

McClendon has worked with Arthur Murray Dance Studios for 15 years and has achieved the highest level of achievement in the Arthur Murray Dance Studios system in his dance, Gold Advanced.

Arthur Murray Dance Studios is part of a global organization, Arthur Murray International Inc., which is currently the largest and most successful dance organization in the world. The two Arthur Murray franchises, located in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV are owned and operated by Justin McClendon and Tiffany Higgins. For more information, please visit

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