Ballet Theater Of Phoenix opens new dance studio

Phoenix will have a new space for dancing as the Ballet Theater of Phoenix opens its new studios in downtown Uptown. Designed by Venue Projects with the architect Martha baker InKinetic’s new state-of-the-art facility has 7,800 square feet for dance instruction.

With an emphasis on classical ballet, the instructors at the Ballet Theater of Phoenix follow the American Ballet Theater national curriculum and train 3-year dancers at the pre-professional level. The studios also run a number of adult ballet lessons, as well as classes in other styles of movement, including contemporary dance and tap dancing.

Studios are also open for rental to the community, providing space for dancers and instructors to develop a wide range of movements – from yoga and salsa to belly dance and hip-hop.

The Ballet Theater of Phoenix Studios is located at 6201 N. 7th St in the heart of Uptown Phoenix and will open on September 8 for in-person and online classes. Fall classes will begin August 24 online through Zoom, and transition to in-person / hybrid classes on September 8.

Private guided tours will be held by appointment and can be booked by calling 602-957-3364.

Visitors will be able to see the studio’s amenities with its sleek Mid-Century Modern design, and four large dance studios with custom floors (3 Marley and 1 Hardwood), HD / Bluetooth sound systems, showers and changing rooms.

Ballet Theater of Phoenix classes are held throughout the year for students of all skill levels in multiple dance styles.

Creative movement classes are designed for younger children, introducing basic dance concepts in a fun and social environment.

Elementary ballet classes (3 to 7 years old) develop musicality, art, imagination and creativity through dance. Designed for younger students, the program focuses on the fundamentals of ballet, providing students with an understanding of class structure and etiquette and preparing them for more advanced levels of classical ballet.

The classical ballet program (ages 8-18) trains students for a professional career in classical ballet. Students learn fundamental techniques for using the body as an instrument of expression, as well as conditioning tools to reach their full potential.

Ballet Classes for Adults (15 years and over) The Ballet Theater of Phoenix hosts a wide range of adult ballet classes for students of all skill levels and backgrounds. These courses are offered on a free basis with no pre-registration required.

Tap Lessons (from 12 years old) By combining movement and rhythm, tap dance students learn improvisation, syncope and complex choreography. Classes are taught by renowned teachers who have worked extensively in musical theater.

Contemporary Dance (All Ages) Focusing on fluid movement, our contemporary dance classes merge several dance genres including modern, jazz, classical ballet and hip-hop to create a whole new expression.

Registrations for fall classes are now open and internships for student dance levels are scheduled by appointment.

Visit or call 602-957-3364 for more information.

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