Dance, sports fans look forward to September 20

Participants in “Zumba with Louise” at Mount Merrion in Dublin this morning gave an extra boost, with the news that starting September 20, they will be allowed to go inside.

Now is the right time, just before the cold weather sets in. The students and teachers are delighted.

“I’m thrilled,” says instructor Louise Heatherwick.

“We did it outside all winter last year. We were here with hats, gloves, scarves and thermal clothing.

“But now we’re all excited to be able to go back inside.”

For her, the move indoors now means that she will be certain that her classes can continue and will not be postponed until the last minute due to the weather.

She says her business has suffered a lot over the past 18 months.

“It’s more or less a cancellation,” she said.

“Before, I had ten lessons a week and it just went down.

Now she looks forward to the future and the boost today’s news has had. He is also shared by those in his class, including Mel Reed.

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“I’m really looking forward to it,” she said.

“We’re a small group and at least we can guarantee we’ll be going back there to do Zumba every week, that’s what we love.”

“A difficult year”

It’s a similar story across town at the Viva Dance School in Fairview.

The school’s founders, Marcin Szymutko and Ksenia Yanchenkova are delighted to be able, once again, to open their studio to their students.

They’ve stocked up on Zoom lessons and can’t wait to resume teaching in person.

Ksenia Yanchenkova and Marcin Szymutko

“The last year and a half has been very difficult for the school,” says Szymutko.

“We haven’t seen a lot of students in person. We have taken a lot of online courses, but nothing beats face-to-face communication, ”says Ms. Yanchenkova.

“Now we have a date. It’s great to see students walk through the door, having fun, laughing and smiling and learning a few steps.”

A welcome announcement

After-school groups will also be back indoors from next month – a welcome development for the 200,000+ children who participate.

At Mel Ryan School, which teaches dance and acting, as well as other life skills, the owner looks forward to welcoming the children after a difficult year.

Dance and Theater Teacher Mel Ryan

“It was pretty hard, not so much for me, but for the kids because they missed so much precious time for development, emotional education, intelligence, communication, confidence building. They missed it. all of that, ”said Mel Ryan.

The school welcomes 3-17 year olds. Pre-Covid, he had 500 children in his books.

“ I have had parents calling me every day to talk about their children who suffered from anxiety, especially teenagers. My heart goes out to them, ”she said.

“I had a parent tell me yesterday about their six year old whose verbal communication has deteriorated and has now developed a stutter. So there are a lot of things going on that you might not realize. not count. “

15-year-old Chloe McWilliams has been attending Mel Ryan School for many years and can’t wait to return.

“I really missed all of my friends,” she said.

“It will be very exciting just to go back to dance and do theater again.”

“Crazy to go there”

The sports facilities are also getting ready, after more than a year of calm, because September 20 is a key date for all those who practice indoor sports.

“It was calm,” said Eoin Ryan, squash coach at Sutton Club in Dublin.

Squash coach Eoin Ryan

“We can’t wait to get started. The past 18 months have been nonexistent.

“The kids missed it a lot. I hope we get them all back.”

And this is the concern of many sports coaches: will the same number of players resume their sport once the restrictions are lifted?

“The seniors will probably be a bigger concern, the juniors I think will come back pretty quickly,” he said.

“Seniors, seniors, if they haven’t done much in the last 18 months, there are concerns about injuries, and maybe they’ve gotten into other sports, but that’s the challenge. “

For many, September 20 may not be early enough for some.

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