Dance Studio Leeds Brings The Movements Into Your Living Room With The Launch Of Online Lessons

With dance schools and other recreational venues temporarily due to close, the stage is set in your living room to tap into a new hobby – so you can really dance like no one is watching you.

Dance Studio Leeds, which is usually based out of Mabgate Mills, gives one hour of exclusive access to a series of new online courses and tutorials.

It has introduced classes for individual students, the whole family, or just for kids in genres such as stretch, street, family dance, 80s, musicals, ballet, contemporary, and fundamental.

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An event at Dance Studio Leeds before classes come home.

You can buy a one-time lesson or a full package to try it out during school and work lockdown.

Dance Studio Leeds started the fun with an all-inclusive dance for the family, featuring a stand-up and sit-down version, on Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off at the weekend called #theDSLshake and is still available through the brand new online store at the website.

The Dance Studio said, “If you’ve always wanted to try and learn a new style of dancing, now might be the perfect time from the comfort of your own home. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to a new hobby or to a new activity, then once our studios are open again, you can attend a class with some confidence and some knowledge of what to expect.

“Online tutorials and live lessons are also a fantastic way to support freelancers and independent local businesses like us so that we can all reopen our doors after the lockdown is over.”


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