Fred Astaire Southbury Wins Outstanding Awards at New England Dance Sport Competition

The instructors and students of Fred Astaire Southbury caught everyone’s attention and won a series of outstanding awards with a spectacular selection of dances and presentations at the New England Dance Sport Competition which took place from Thursday 9 March to Saturday 11 March at the Mystic Marriott hotel. & Spa in Mystic CT.

Fred Astaire Southbury Co-Owner / Director Christian Lange and Fred Astaire Trumbull Owner / Instructor Nevena Urosevic wowed the crowd and electrified the judges with their mind-blowing waltz, easily winning the Closed American Smooth Bronze & Silver Championship. Their elegant style and gracefully flowing movements left no doubt in the minds of the judges that Lange and Urosovic were unmatched in their exquisite performance. Lange has won several prestigious professional titles in the Smooth category, most recently the World Championship Silver American Smooth Closed competition in Las Vegas last August.

The students and instructors of Fred Astaire Southbury also had a stellar weekend at the Mystic competitions with several superb performances which won prestigious awards. In 1st place: Beth Gagnon / Christian Lange (Social Bronze Closed Smooth 3-Dance Championship); Karen Gagnon / Vladimir Serbulenco (Social Bronze Closed Rhythm); Sharon Citrin Goldstein / Vladimir Serbulenco (Advanced Closed Rhythm in Bronze); Karen Prince / Christian Lange (Showcase Jive); Steven Prince / Amanda Meadow (Quickstep Showcase) and Amanda Meador (choreographer) / Beth Gagnon / Shirley Jakobowski / Linda Landry / Karen Prince / Jane Smith (Cell Block Tango! Training).

1st Children’s Division: Five-year-old Lara Pereira Catão for her beautifully executed performance in Smooth in her very first competition.

2nd place Apupils included: Consuelo Medrano / Vladimir Serbulenco (social championship of 3 soft dances and social bronze); Karen Gagnon / Vladimir Serbulenco (Social (Bronze Smooth 3-Dance Championship); Vera Maltsev / Christian Lange (Open Smooth Championship); Sharyn Maclelland / Christian Lange (Silver Closed Smooth 4-Dance Championship) and Amanda Meador / Damiano Scarfi (Professional American mixed novice)

Professionals Ivana Strancaric and Vladimir Serbulenco were among the top finalists, taking a solid 3rd place in the Bronze and Silver division of the Closed American Rhythm. The finalist students were John Tillman, Consuelo Medrano, Monika Szenk and Mark Gagnon who all performed skillfully in several categories.

Saturday evening was reserved for the celebration banquet of the competition during which special prizes were awarded. Awards banquets included: the most lively school; Southbury and South Windsor; Best Woman Award: Amanda Meador; Best man award; Vladimir Serbulenco. The eagerly awaited Dance of honor was performed by Christian Lange and Nevena Urosevic, winners of the Closed American Smooth Bronze & Silver Championship, who resumed their winning waltz.

“We could not be more proud of our students and instructors for their exemplary performance in the Mystic Competition, which has earned them so many well-deserved awards.” said Lange. “We have had the privilege of watching them grow and develop as dancers and it gives us great satisfaction to see their progress with each competition. Many of our students are now training for the Las Vegas Championships this summer and we are very happy to help them prepare for their performances which we know will be really great.

While the fun of dancing is the key mission of the Fred Astaire Studios, social awareness and philanthropic efforts are also an important part of their mission. “The organizers of the New England Dance Sport Competition donated $ 1.00 per entry to food banks in each city with a participating Fred Astaire Studio,” said Paulo Jorge, co-owner of Fred Astaire Southbury. “Our studio donated an additional $ 300 to the Southbury Food Bank to help those in need in our own town.

Fred Astaire Dance Studio is located at 316 Main Street South, Suite F & G, Southbury, CT 06488

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