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The JRDS adult beginner tap dance group.

DISCOVER the joys and benefits of dancing by getting creative with a class at Julie Ross Dance Studio in Boambee Valley, just south of Coffs Harbour.

Improve your general physical and mental well-being by joining a dance class.

Dancefit, basic beginner tap, intermediate tap and performance classes day and night.

The benefits are considerable and participants almost immediately feel lighter, more confident and happier. Meeting new friends and sharing your love of dance is so easy if you let go of the barrier of not feeling good enough.

Classes are for beginners and everyone is welcome.

You only need a willingness to participate and you can leave the rest to our instructors Julie Ross and Gabby Shanks.

Julie teaches day classes and has over 30 years of experience teaching dance.

She also teaches Music and Movement, a seated dance program for people with Parkinson’s disease and seniors with balance issues or problems due to aging.

Gabby Shanks, Newcastle’s new headteacher and tap teacher, trained in Brent Street and runs the evening adult tap course.

Julie will engage you in her class with old musical theater classics as well as jazz and some modern rhythmic beats.

There’s room for your own style to develop, but if you’re a beginner and prefer to follow along, Julie is in on all the action so you don’t have to remember routines and can relax and follow along. . Gabby’s classes are always fun and energetic with funky beats and musical theater as her favorites.

Whatever your abilities or age, we can certainly help you get started and find the right course for you.

We have different levels, so it’s no problem if you’re a basic beginner, we can meet your needs.

Age is not an obstacle and many adults are between 50 and 90 years old.

For more experienced tap dancers or even if you are just starting out and wanting to develop your talent, we often do shows and performances for charities and retirement homes.

This is a high point for the band and the satisfaction and gratitude we get from the nursing home audience is incredible and so humbled.

We currently have four routines and continue to add to our repertoire for our next performance or new members.

Our favorites are the Can Can tap, modern Latin tequila and tap, Sunnyside of the Street tap and Cory’s Reel, our specially choreographed Irish tap for St. Patrick’s Day events.

We try to create a dynamic environment where it is possible to explore your artistic creative side as well as a place to make new friends.

Don’t be shy, call Julie on 0402137171 for more information.

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