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For Pooja Thakkar, dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life. Today, the professional dancer helps strengthen the physical and mental health of residents of upstate senior care centers through Bollywood-inspired movements. A graduate of India in semi-classical and Bollywood dance, Thakkar recently established her own dance studio called Bollywood Beats in Youngtown. She also shared her skills with residents of Tyler Village in Prospect Vale and May Shaw in Swansea. The classes are all aimed at improving balance and coordination among residents and bringing a little more joy and color into their lives. With experience in teaching dance to people between the ages of five and 85, Thakkar said the benefits of Bollywood dancing – based on the popular genre of Indian film – are endless for people of all ages. IN OTHER NEWS: “Dancing is a fantastic way to make exercise fun and engage your loved one in a new daily routine,” she said. “Dance strengthens physical and mental health by helping to prevent falls, improve posture and flexibility, improve mood and relieve anxiety. stiffness. ”Born in India, Thakkar has been teaching Bollywood dance for eight years. She said she decided to move to Launceston from Queensland with her husband in 2017 after falling in love with Apple Island. came to vacation here and then we decided it was a really nice place to stay, ”she said. “So we decided to settle in Tasmania. As part of the Bollywood Beats experience, Thakkar guides participants through a range of different head, neck and body movements. on their capacity, the courses aim to increase the relaxation and general happiness of the participants. She said the response to classes at senior care facilities so far has been fantastic, with more and more people starting to open up a new challenge. “A lot of people don’t know this type of dance… I just want to help spread it everywhere,” she said. “It’s something different and there are a lot of happy songs that people can laugh at and enjoy.” Anyone can dance… you don’t need special shoes or a dress code. “You just come and enjoy the beats.” For more information on Bollywood Beats, email Subscribe to one of our newsletters:



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