Local dance studio presents its first recital since the start of COVID | entertainment

HANFORD – The staff, dancers and volunteers of PATY’Studio are delighted to present the annual June recital production titled “TIME! “

“After nearly a year and a half without being able to be on stage or have an actual audience due to COVID-19, we are more than excited! More than words can express, our dance recital production will be on. a real stage, with real lighting, with passionate dancers and performers, beautiful backdrops, and above all … a real live audience, “said studio founder and choreographer Patricia Diaz.

This production is all about “In His Timing” and the idea that all things are made beautiful in God’s timing, according to a statement.

“Time does not stand still for nothing or for anyone, but God gives us all the time of life to bless us with moments! we need to remember that God has a plan and a time for everything in our life. If we live our lives remembering that this is God’s plan, maybe we could just breathe and fully enjoy every moment, ”Diaz said of the themes for this year’s performance.

The recital is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Saturday June 19 at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. Doors open at 4:45 p.m.

“This production is going to be very special. Our dancers have worked so hard to be able to express what ‘TIME’ means to them in their dance performances,” said Diaz.

Several types of dance genres will be featured including ballet, breakin ‘hip-hop, jazz, salsa, Mexican folklorico, lyric and others.

“Our choreographic teachers are so thrilled to finally see their creations come to life on stage and hear the applause and cheers from the audience,” said Diaz.

“With all the hard work our entire production team has put into producing this dance recital; we really hope the community can come together and support our dance studio by purchasing a ticket and being the ‘real live audience’ what we have been waiting for Our young dancers need to feel again the applause, the cheers and all the love through a “real live audience.” We thank you in advance, and see you on the show! ”says Patricia! Diaz, owner and director of PATY’Studio.

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