Local woman sees dance studio business flourish despite pandemic

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – As we continue to highlight women-owned businesses in our area, I take you to a dance studio. The owner was teaching dance abroad in Asia and said she never thought she would own her own studio. She followed a vocation and even during the pandemic her business is booming.

Bloom Dance Studio currently has two locations, one in Omaha and one in Elkhorn. Owner Erin Jensen also has expansion plans to accommodate all of her clients.

“Elkhorn, Nebraska currently has a studio. This summer we’ll be adding a second space to it, so there will be two spaces there,” Jensen said. “Bloom is even considering opening a third location, so we’re still waiting for that to happen at the right time, but hopefully it will happen within the next year.”

As a mother of four, she saw firsthand the impact of the pandemic on young people and wanted to help.

“Provide places and spaces where kids can just be vulnerable with how they’re feeling,” Jensen said. “Be vulnerable about how it affects them, and then also be able to be in an environment where you are still allowed to be a child here. Everything that is happening in the world is very true and very true. does the situation, but you can come in here and it is still possible, even in the face of adversity, to flourish. “

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The staff at Bloom Dance Studio know it’s more than dancing for kids. It is an opportunity for them to gain self-confidence, to express themselves and to resume normal activities.

“I think of one student in particular who, it was her very first activity coming out of being home alone with her parents for a long time during the pandemic. She cried for a long time in class, and all of a sudden that switch finally rocked one day, and she’s loved dancing ever since, ”said Hannah Kolar.

Jensen believes that one of the reasons she’s been successful is that her studios pride themselves on their modesty.

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“Keeping our dancers kids. I think there are so many amazing studios you can choose from in the Omaha area, but I think Bloom does it exceptionally well,” Jensen said. “Our parents really don’t have to think twice about the music they listen to or what they wear.”


Bloom dance studio

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