Ludik’s Acro Dance Studio golden bag of dancers

It has been a fantastic year for Ludik’s Acro Dance Studio (LADS), which has won medals in various talent competitions.

In March, they entered five dances to participate in the Talent Africa Nationals. All of their items received gold medals, and dancers were selected for the South African team to participate in Talent America and group dance was selected to participate in the Talent America Showcase.

LADS took part in the ‘Dans in jou Taal’ competition, where one group was selected as the winner of the episode and the other group was chosen as the winner by the viewer. Both groups advanced to the final and were announced as the senior style winners for acrobatics in the final.

LADS also participated in the RACA Eisteddfod in August. They took part in 10 dances at the Eisteddfod and won two diamonds (score 95% and above), five platinum (90-94%) and three gold (85-89%), as well as the Spirit of the RACA award. The senior dancers in the group were announced as the category winners at the RACA Eisteddfod. The dancers also qualified for the Gauteng colors and will compete in the Talent Africa Nationals in 2020.

Then the National Eisteddfod (NEA), where LADS took on two group dances, both of which graduated. One group was chosen to perform in the NEA Showcase and both groups received the NEA Ambassador Award. This award is given to the top performers, a maximum of 3 percent of the total number of participants in the given year. “We are so proud that our two groups received this award,” said Maryke Ludik proudly.

LADS also made its mark at the Middelburg Festival and received 28 first places and 13 second places for solos, duos, trios, quartets and groups. Cara Britz won Novice A Solo and will compete in Novice B in 2020, Ame Loubser and Zihandri Lange were announced as the all-around winners and qualified for the championships in 2020. LADS also competed in the Vereeniging competition with just six dances and won three high gold medals and three gold medals. The Dragon group won the overall senior dance section (all dance genres) and Juané Grobler won the global senior solo dance section (all dance genres). “Our group Dragon, the solos of Juané and Taylor were selected to compete in the showcase competition, a total of 107 entries, with 12 judges, all genres (actor, vocals, instrumental, theater, creative work, modeling and all genres of dance). Juane’s solo placed sixth overall and our group Dragon placed third overall out of the Showcase’s 107 entries.

Other dancers were also the pride of their group as Carla de Beer was announced as the winner of the junior championships, Katelyn Rose as the winner of the senior championships and best stage personality for this year, and Juané was announced as the best. acrobat of this year.

LADS Professional Advanced Group, was announced as the best choreographed group. “This was where all the senior dancers were dancing with the coaches. We are so privileged to be able to share the stage with our dancers.

LADS coaches Zelda Lange and Maryke Ludik thanked their dancers with this message; “We are so proud of our dancers and very grateful for the support they received from parents, friends and family. We are grateful for all the hard work our dancers put in to be able to give their best in every competition, but most of all, we are grateful to God, for giving us the talent to teach and the talent to dance. .

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