Mountain statesman | Local dancers take the stage with Rebecca’s dance studio

TAYLOR COUNTY — Local women took the stage to show off their hard work and dedication to dancing with Rebecca’s dance studio.

While the studio is located in Bridgeport, many local youth make the US Route 50 trip to learn from 28-year-old Rebecca Phillips.e year at the workshop.

And while classes had to change due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 91 dancers continued to move throughout the year, learning and honing their routines, in preparation for their end-of-year recital.

“Rebecca made sure all precautions were in place,” said Josie Johnson, mom of dance. “His dancers and Rebecca were thrilled to be back in the studio.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Rebecca’s dance studio was forced to temporarily close its doors, but because the love of dancing was so strong, Phillips decided to host classes virtually via ZOOM in order to that his students can continue to learn and excel in the world of dance.

Once the restrictions were lifted, Phillips happily welcomed his students to the studio, to continue to hone their craft.

And while this year’s showcase, held on Friday June 11 and Saturday June 12, was not the large-scale event her students were used to, it was nonetheless a recital; offering students a chance to showcase the skills they have diligently acquired over an unprecedented and unconventional year.

Dancers took to the stage at Heritage Christian School to show family and friends their routines, providing an evening of fun, with an aura of surpassing and accomplishment.

Groups and individuals performed one by one, dancing as they liked. Once all of the individual acts were completed, Phillips joined his high school sabotage class on stage for a final number.

“The kids did a fantastic job and were so excited to find some normalcy in their lives, if only for a little while,” Johnson said.

“I really like what I do and try to make dancing fun for my students. If it’s fun, they’ll enjoy it more, ”Phillips said. “My students are very dedicated and did a great job during the recital. I am very proud of all of them.

Rebecca’s Dance Studio, located at 448 E. Main Street, Bridgeport, offers ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, patching, tumbling, preschool and Mommy and Me classes.

Phillips has been teaching dance for 30 years. She opened her location in Bridgeport in 1993 with a desire to be closer to her hometown of Grafton, but before that she taught dance to Mannington and Buckhannon.

For more information on Rebecca’s Dance Studio, please call the studio at 304-842-8575.

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