Play Act Dance Art-Tech Film Festival 2020 to be broadcast on YouTube

Kim Eun-ji and Kim Hee-jung’s “Robot ‘I'” (2020). [Padaf]

The annual Play Act Dance Art-Tech Film Festival (Padaf), which was reserved for those who wanted to book tickets to experience the integration of cultural content, made its first attempt to present the show for free to the public.

While previous Padaf performances were shown in various art centers and required prior reservation, this year’s Padaf performances will be available on YouTube as a social distancing measure amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

To turn the Covid-19 crisis into an opportunity, the Padaf organizing committee hopes the transition will increase awareness of fusion performing arts festivals and help attract more future Padaf audiences in the years to come.

Beginning with the convergence of dance and theater in 2011, Padaf has grown into the only festival in Korea that connects various genres, including choreography, film, theater, fine arts, photography, music and performance. mode in one place.

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary this year, Padaf 2020 will feature performances by young musicians, dancers and actors without an audience at the Daehangno M Theater in central Seoul on August 22-23. The recording will be released on Padaf’s official YouTube channel on August 2. 29 and 30.

“It took a long time to decide on this year’s theme as ‘new normal post-contact’,” said Kim Kyu-jong, professor at Soonchunhyang University, who is the chief director of Padaf 2020. . “As long as the Covid-19 pandemic continues, this concern will apply to every artist.”

To give young artists more opportunities to interact and exchange, the festival organized three workshops in July and August before the opening of the festival to allow them to come together and start to think collaboratively. The workshops helped 13 emerging artists by pairing them with expert mentors in each genre.

“Unexpected Moment: Between reality and nonreality” by choreographer Lee Hyun-woo will kick off the festival on August 22 and show her movements in reality and her movements in virtual reality.

“House” by Yang Seung-kwan (2020). [Padaf]

“House” by Yang Seung-kwan (2020). [Padaf]

After Lee’s play, “Home” by Yang Seung-kwan, “Hangover Planet” by Kim Moon-kyung, “Pa-dong” by Oh Shin-young, Kwak Hee-eun, Jung So-hee , “Young” by Jeon Byung-sung, Yoon “Door” by Hee-seop and “Egg” by Shin Won-min will be staged.

Kim Eun-ji and Kim Hee-jung’s “Robot ‘I’” will begin the performance on day two, followed by Choi Jung-won’s “Intimate Stranger,” Son Eun-min, Cho Hyun-do, “Face me, from Choi Won-kyu “The” scented candle “by Kim Jung-kyu and Lee Yoon-jo and” Everyday is a new day “by Noh Seung-woo. The last stop will be “Oh Hyung-eun’s” Meaningless! ”

The 2020 Padaf poster. [Padaf]

The 2020 Padaf poster. [Padaf]

After showing the recordings on YouTube on August 29-30, Padaf will select the best works and host a screening and awards ceremony at Lotte University Cinema Konkuk branch on September 5.

Veteran actor Oh Kwang-rok who made his debut in 1996 with the play “The World I See With My Eyes Closed” has been chosen as the festival’s ambassador. He was also one of the directors of Padaf 2014.

“I will continue to mentor those who seek creative forms of convergence and integration not only for Padaf but also for artists who study convergence in art,” said Oh.

“Looking back on the past decade, we wish that Padaf opened up new opportunities for artists,” said Kim Hyung-nam, dance teacher at Sejong University, chair of the Padaf 2020 organizing committee. wishes Padaf 2020 can give hope to artists. who are going through perhaps the most difficult time of the Covid-19 era. ”


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