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Get ready to discover a unique and eclectic way to party.

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Vodka brand Smirnoff merges ethnic music with the dance genre as the mainstay of its ongoing brand campaign. Under the motto “Mix It Up”, a series of parties entertains crowds in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Medan, Surabaya, Bali and Bandung, while serving revelers a diverse range of cocktails.

Party-goers will dance to a fusion of ethnic and dance music performed by talented disc jockeys (DJs) while enjoying cocktails with flavor variations as eclectic as the musical presentation itself, prepared by Smirnoff. The brand concluded its first stays in Jakarta on March 29 and Yogyakarta on October 17 of last year. The tour continued this year in Medan on November 3, Surabaya on November 15, Bali on November 30 and Bandung on December 1, 2018.

In each town, local DJs merge dance music with the ethnic sounds of the region. The DJ lineup includes Jevin Julian, Putri Una, Osvaldorio, Kartika Ayu and Weird Genius.

These DJs offer an eclectic mix of music inspired by the unique cultures and contexts of their cities, especially for those who love the nightlife. The experience is amplified by unique cocktails blended by brand mixologist Arey Baker with flavors that match the unique musical styles. With entertainment that simultaneously stimulates your five senses, partying is an unforgettable experience.

The Jakarta event last March provided a taste of what the upcoming holidays have in store for you: During the Jakarta event, DJ Jevin Julian’s track “Jakarta Mix” contained samples of the cacophony that Jakartans drive through daily, with motorists honking their horns and vehicle exhausts creating endless noise while spewing black smog. The revelers danced to surreal tunes while sipping cocktails of vodka and soda flavored with raspberry lollipop.

The dance number itself reflected the fearlessness of the townspeople to take on the challenges they face every day to make a living. As Jakarta doesn’t have specific ethnic music to begin with, the DJ chose to incorporate the chaotic noise of the city streets into his music.

During the Yogyakarta event, which was held in mid-October, Osvaldorio, originally from Central Java, performed his melody, rooted in the sound of the Javanese gamelan very popular in Central Java and Yogyakarta, while revelers were enjoying a cocktail with a local twist. , where vodka was mixed with turmeric to create an unusual blend of unexpected flavors.

The Medan Party, which will take place on November 3, will feature the composition of DJ Putri Una inspired by the ethnic music of North Sumatra, tasted around a cocktail with the strong flavor of black coffee, developed in response to the popularity. growing black coffee across the world, including Indonesia.

At the Surabaya event on November 15, DJ Weird Genius will perform a locally inspired dance floor while guests enjoy the Smirnoff Signature Skyball cocktail, where vodka is blended with famous green apples from Malang, East Java, and with cotton candy.

At the Bali event on November 30, a DJ will merge local gamelan music with dance beats. Enjoy the music while drinking a cocktail where Smirnoff vodka meets pineapple and lime.

The stories behind the glasses

All of these unique cocktail mixes presented at the parties are created by Baker, a 2014 Diageo World Class Indonesia mixology champion. He is known for his unique ability to invent cocktails with special Indonesian flavors.

“I’m going to experiment to create a new kind of fun for party animals, offering them two classic Smirnoff cocktails – the Screwdriver and the Skyball – that will surprise drinkers with their very distinguished flavors thanks to the local ingredients that I will mix with them. The flavor blends will show you how amazing vodkas are for creating blended flavors, ”said Baker.

According to Baker, Smirnoff vodka is filtered three times before being distilled 10 times; its manufacturing process produces a smooth flavor and lucid color. With this process, Baker added, Smirnoff gave drinkers the best vodka to mix with local flavors to celebrate local cultures.

“Indonesia is a country full of inspiration, with the unique diversity of its people, as well as the endless diversity of its nuances and talents,” he said, explaining why Indonesia was such a great place. for mixologists to experiment with their flavors.

“Creativity is the key to delivering the best cocktails. This trip is really fun and creative, not only enhancing the flavors of each city with the addition of vodka, but also presenting them alongside music from the DJs, a mix of local sounds and dance rhythms, ”a he added.

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Get ready for a party like you’ve never experienced before.

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  • Do not drink and drive.
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