Tanoura dance art exhibition at the Cordoba Art Gallery

DOSSIER – Folk Dance Tanoura

CAIRO – February 12, 2019: A total of 30 artistic works ranging from photography to sculpture are currently hosted by Cordoba Art Gallery in Mohandesin to document the art of Tanoura dance, highlighting its pure Egyptian folklore identity.

In the exhibition, five enthusiastic artists present their distinguished works using a variety of materials, including oil, acrylic, watercolor, as well as sculptural works.

The director of the gallery Mohamed Gebali said that the dance of the skirt has always been presented by plastic artists in individual exhibitions and that the exhibition held at the gallery of Cordoba is only devoted to folk dance to avoid it does not fade.

It should be mentioned that the handsome artist Khaled Abdel Aati presented five paintings in the exhibition, while the artist Amani Zahran presented nine works of different sizes using pastel, acrylic and oil.

The exhibition is scheduled until February 20.

The word tanoura or tannoura refers to the colorful skirt worn by the dancer, each color representing each Sufi order.

Tanoura is associated with Sufism and is performed in Sufi festivals, but it is also performed by non-Sufis as a folk dance or concert dance. The dancers also increase their balance with the tanoura, by a dynamic centrifugal effect.

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